Intro to the Soul Spa for Weary Women

Feeling irritable, overwhelmed and exhausted?

Ready to scream, “It’s all TOO MUCH!”

Kamala Murphey invites you to take part in her Soul Spa Minutes Video Series – a free series of short videos guiding you to relax, release, and feel yourself again!  Watch the video below as she discusses the series!

Treat yourself to a soothing of your soul – this FREE series of short videos, you’ll discover tools to create a refreshing break – whenever you need it!

In this series of short videos, you’ll have a buddy to help you actually take the time you need to get filled up – fill in the information below & receive your Soul Spa Minutes Video Series:


High Stress = Low Intelligence

You know when your emotions are running high, when you’re stressed to the max, your ability to think calmly and clearly runs low.  You can’t be your best when you’re tangled up by stress, conflicting expectations, and unmet needs.  And worse, you lose YOU and get caught up in unconscious self-sabotage.


In this series of short videos, you’ll learn to:

  • access tools that will help you create a sense of calm and serenity – even in the midst of a chaotic day
  • get reacquainted with the smart, sensitive, gifted woman you’ve got hidden inside
  • distinguish supportive vs. crazy-making expectations (your own or others’)

But best of all, you’ll be connecting with the Source of Wisdom, Clarity, Love, and Abundance!

love & blessings,

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I am honored to share with you the joy and freedom I experienced working with Kamala Murphey. Honestly, I was a little nervous when we began our sessions because I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from her style of energy healing. But after our first call, I was hooked! Kamala provided a safe place for me to surrender and let go so I could connect with myself and get to know more about my inner world. She gently guided me on a journey of self-discovery and self-caring that allowed me to feel the full embodiment of love, joy, and Spirit. If you want to discover more about yourself, I urge you to connect with Kamala and experience her passion for healing. You will leave every session feeling alive, buoyant, and blessed.

Toni Snyder
Holistic Health Coach