If I Ruled the World…and other flights of fancy

A couple of months back, I was waiting in the airport for the last leg of a flight home. When the airline folks announced another delay, you could hear a collective groan at the gate. For most of us, it had been a long day already and we were tired and more than a little […]

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Worst enemy

I had a great coaching call today with my coach.  Told him at the start I felt I needed to be shaken up.  He did a great job! One of the most important things I needed to hear was about not letting anyone else stop me…but in reality, the worst culprit is my own internal […]

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Spiritual Stirrings

This time of year always stirs something up inside of me…maybe it’s spring or the Easter/Passover season or just more sunshine!  The last several days have brought similar stirrings.  Exciting and invigorating stirrings – definitely feelings of rejuvenation and renewal!    And an gentle steady pressure to say yes to the spiritual stirrings! Many of […]

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turning from shame

I have this image of a young teen, trying to make sure that no one can see the thing she’s desperately afraid they WILL see!   She’s twisted and contorted, trying to make sure none of this awful, dark bit is seen.  Almost all focus is on the dark thing she’s hiding, keeping it from […]

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The Problem with Perfectionism

“I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect…I can’t deny you like me, right now, you like me!”    Sally Field To be seen as valuable, whole, and lovable is a basic human desire.   When we are raised in homes where those qualities are not reflected back to us, we, as precious little children, […]

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The ‘duh’ and the ‘epiphany’

You know those times you have a realization that makes you shake your head – almost in disbelief?  Earlier this week, I had one of those ‘well, duh’ moments that somehow opened up into an epiphany.  It took my breath away for a moment – like that sudden queasy feeling you get when your plane […]

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Fear, You’re not the boss of me

We’re smart.  We’re sensitive.  You  have something you long to share with the world.  You want to pour your heart into something and be successful.   Yet time and time again, some nagging little fear stops you, sidetracks you, takes you off course.  And you are sick and tired of being controlled by fear.  bossed […]

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Yours for the asking

 “Forget the notion of lineage and the traditional chain of command; just apply for the direct connection.  To apply, you have to ask, not someone out there, but the truth of you own heart.  You open to the fact that every assistance you need, every kind of knowing, both of the earth and the stars, […]

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In the Potter’s Hands

Love flies without limits. Cuts through all veils. Rejects the life you knew with looking back. Gives up on feet entirely – much too slow! Sees right through appearances. Ignores obsession and addiction. My soul remembers its source: I was in the potter’s hands while he mixed clay and water – a new home for […]

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Is it SUPPOSED to be like this?

“Life is difficult.” The opening line of M. Scott Peck’s groundbreaking work, The Road Less Traveled, stunned me. Simple words that seemed to speak a truth no one else was talking about. When I was growing up, I believed in fairy tales. Especially the ones that said if I were doing everything right, life would […]

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